Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a diverse and core part  of our business. We operate across numerous sectors including water, construction, environmental, private and industrial as well as providing specialist support to the other divisions within the business. Throughout our history we have demonstrated a capacity to deliver civil engineering projects for numerous clients on various water projects, commercial, residential premises and highways.

Our expertise has seen us construct underground CSO’s, attenuation tanks and sewage pumping stations. On top of this, we also carry out major drainage and pressure pipeline installations for both the private and public sector including the local authorities across the country.

S&B Utilities Ltd can also, on certain projects, utilise our specialist subcontractor base (e.g. directional drilling specialist and steel fixing and formwork specialists) meaning S&B utilities Ltd can usually be employed as the single main contractor therefore reducing the number of points of contact to one for the client.

S&B Utilities Ltd have undertaken numerous feasibility studies to assess the existing drainage systems with a view to providing an outline design of the necessary improvements to achieve compliance with SFA 7; STS 3000 Engineering Specification and PPG3 compliance together with other relevant requirements of MoD documents JSP315, JSP317, JSP375 and DMG14.

The Feasibility Reports include the necessary survey work and produce the
required outputs to achieve:

•        Provision of a suitable drainage/collection system / OWI / pumping station at the required capacity and system connectivity              to meet the requirements above.
•        Feasibility and outline design work necessary to establish options to achieve compliance with indicative construction costs.
•        Consideration of options for risk reduction and operational cost reduction by rationalising the number of OWI’s / pump                      stations required.

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