SB Plant

SB Plant is a specialist division of SB Utilities providing all of the company’s plant and transport resources. Operating from our main offices, they supply our workforce with a comprehensive range of plant. They also have two fully qualified mechanics to ensure that the vehicles, machines and plant are in the best condition possible. We have an extensive range of plant including excavators from 1.7T to 22.5T, 7.5T Wagon, 26T HIAB, forklift as well as the aforementioned 20000L tanker and 4000L jetter and an extensive range of small plant including mixers, vibrating plates, vibration pokers and Stihl saws.

SB Plant provides a first class service in the maintenance of all of the plant. The engineers follow a strict and structured programme with deadlines to ensure that our machines are running at maximum capacity to avoid
unnecessary costs.

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